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Technical Training for the Process Industries

Improving personnel’s skills and knowledge in order to excel and become innovative for the future of their careers!

Since 1989, our team has succeeded in delivering technical training courses to the process industries, leveraging our expertise to meet diverse organisational training needs. Our specialised training programs cover a wide range of topics, including Centrifugal Compressor Training, Reciprocating Compressor Training, Screw Compressor Training, Energy Transition Training, Critical Thinking, Process Problem Solving and Troubleshooting in Process Plants Training and FPSO Operations Training.

We have developed a range of dynamic simulation models that are the focal point of our training courses, such as LNG Operations Training, Distillation Training, and Anti-Surge Control Training. These advanced simulation models are designed based on real-life systems that personnel encounter daily. In our training programs, delegates are given opportunities to solve real-time problems using these simulations, including Gas Turbines Operations Training and Compressor Station Operations Training. Simulations are a proven tool to enhance learning and create a positive environment that encourages experimentation and accepts mistakes, which are essential parts of the learning process. Delegates can experiment and understand how equipment operates without real-world consequences, with courses such as Oil and Gas Process Training, Non-technical Oil and Gas Process Training, and Non-technical FPSO Operations Training.

Our courses, including Control Loop Tuning Training, Glycol Dehydration Training, and Control Room Operator Training, consist of short lectures, simulation model exercises, videos, group discussions, and case studies. These varied learning experiences, also found in Amine Process Training and Gas Pipelines Operations Training, promote higher learning outcomes and ensure comprehensive technical training.

Some Facts About ESD Simulation

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At ESD Simulation Training, we offer technical training solutions for the Process Industries. Our courses feature the latest in dynamic simulation models and are specifically designed to help your organization increase productivity and save money.


The following four ESD Simulation Training Courses are IChemE accredited:

  • Control and Operation of Centrifugal Gas Compressors
  • Problem Solving and Troubleshooting in Process Operations
  • Production Process and Emergency Systems on Oil and Gas Installations
  • Practical Aspects of Process Control and Instrumentation

Exceptional Faculty

We have a highly qualified faculty of engineers and operations professionals who have extensive experience in the process industries. The depth of their collective knowledge in the process industries and their proven ability to convey this expertise has achieved the trust and respect of 40,000 delegates over the past 30+ years. 

We have trained many of the leading international oil and gas, recycling, energy transition, and pharmaceutical companies. Some of our past customers include Shell, Jemena, Recycling Technologies, INEOS, Cenovus Energy, and TAQA.

Exceptional Facilities

ESD can be delivered on-site, wherever you are in the world. However, our clients also value the exceptional experience we offer in our own facilities.

Whether in Canada, the US, Scotland or Australia, delegates enjoy the benefits of modern, comfortable classrooms equipped with leading-edge learning tools like our state-of-the-art simulators and interactive computer models. Join us at one of our global offices and find out how ESD is raising the standard for technical training worldwide.

ESD Offices

Canada – ESD Simulation Training Inc.

2141 Springfield Rd., Kelowna, BC, Canada, V2B7X1

E-mail: kelowna@esd-simulation.com

UK & Europe – ESD Simulation Training Ltd.

Craigearn Business Park, Morrison Way, Kintore, Aberdeenshire Scotland, AB51 0TH

Email: aberdeen@esd-simulation.com

Australia & Asia – ESD Simulation Training Pty Ltd.

PO box 230 Bentley, WA Australia 6102

Email:  perth@esd-simulation.com