New Control Loop Tuning Course

October 6, 2020

ESD had released another new course, Control Loop Tuning. This course is one day, and will help delegates learn how to identify opportunities for increasing plant performance and deliver that perfomance using refined techniques. 

The correct assessment of control loop performance and the need for retuning can deliver improvements in plant uptime, product quality and reduced emissions. All too often, control loops are incorrectly set up to handle plant upset conditions and require manual intervention at a time least favourable to such action. It is often the case that processes are too critical to allow control loop tuning to be practiced by inexperienced personnel on-line.

This course will allow these slow-downs to be put to a minimum, and will help maximize the efficiency of the plant and the operators. Operators will gain the knowledge necessary to keep their plants running smoothly.

For more information, click here, or view the course schedule to book a spot.

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When is the next course in the UK ,?

Hi David,

The next course will be held on December 14th. You can view the course schedule here or contact our office at:
+44 (0) 1467 634934

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