Recent Projects - November

December 1, 2014

This November we have been working closely with the following renowned oil and gas companies to ensure their staff have the technical, hands-on training they need to perform well in their respective fields:


At our training centre in Aberdeenshire this month, we ran two Central Control Room Operation Simulator courses for Shell, training a total of 4 delegates. This course is an extremely hands-on five day course working closely with trainer Colin Baker and our ‘PEARL’ simulator to give control room operators the experience and confidence needed for success in their roles.
Also for Shell this month, we ran two of our Control and Operation of Centrifugal Gas Compressor courses at our training centre in Aberdeenshire. This course covers compression principles, compressor operation, mechanical design, instrumentation and control and anti-surge control in detail over three days. 

Subsea 7 – At their office in Aberdeen, we taught fourteen non-technical Subsea 7 employees about the basics of subsea systems. This course covers field development, subsea completions, control umbilical, control systems and well work over in a one day easy to understand format.

Dana Petroleum & Wood Group – We spent a week with two Control Room Operators working on the Triton FPSO on our Control Room Operation Simulator course, an intensive five day course working on our ‘PEARL’ simulator. This course is excellent for new CRO’s as it provides a solid understanding of control room operations as well as experienced CRO’s who would like a refresh.

BG Group – This month, we also spent a week with two BG Group staff members on our Control Room Operation Simulator/PEARL course at our training centre in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

SBM Atlantia – In Houston, USA this month we were at the SBM offices working with their employees on our Control, Operation and Design of Reciprocating Gas Compressors course. The course covers compressor selection, compression process, compressor operation, compressor cylinder assembly, frame assemblies and compressor configurations, cooling and lubrication, capacity control, and performance & design calculations in two days using short lectures, simulation exercises and case studies.

Talisman – We have formulated a custom three day course for Talisman employees working on the Claymore platform called CCU Dynamic Simulator Training. This month, we ran the first course at our office in Aberdeenshire, and our trainer, Colin, has been working closely with two Talisman staff members. This course is heavily hands-on and has its own custom simulator based around the Claymore platform processes. We will continue to work with Talisman staff members on these courses throughout December and early 2015. 

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