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November 10, 2015

October had our ESD trainers all over the world. We were busy working closely with top oil and gas companies and industry professionals to ensure that all of our delegates will excel in their positions.

Chevron – Our trainer worked with Chevron delegates in Perth, Western Australia, on our Carbon Dioxide Compression course. This two-day course uses dynamic simulation models to give a practical introduction to carbon dioxide, its application, characteristics, and carbon capturing technology. This course also covers the principles of gas compression when CO2 is the process medium, the selection of the correct type of compressor, the design of the compressor, how performance of the compressor is controlled.

DECC – In Aberdeen, we delivered our FPSO non-technical overview course, which gives a comprehensive overview of the nature and purpose of floating production, storage and offtake systems (FPSO). Our trainers in Aberdeen also delivered our Subsea Systems non-technical course to DECC in Aberdeen. This course offers an overview of the subsea systems within the offshore oil and gas industry and is written and presented in a manner suitable for people of a non-technical background. By providing a better understanding of the subsea section of the industry, it enables all those working within this section to offer more effective support to their technical colleagues.

TransCanada – We worked with TransCanada in Airdrie, Canada, on a customised Centrifugal Gas Compressor with Turbine Driver course. The course aims to explain the principles of operation, anti-surge control and start-up and shutdown. By using dynamic simulation models, the course gives a practical introduction to centrifugal gas compressors, their turbine drivers and their operation. Topics include compressor performance and selection, control strategies for capacity and surge protection and compressor operations. 

Santos – In Tonsley, Adelaide, Australia we worked with Santos on our Wellhead Operation and Optimisation course. This customised course is designed to provide a good understanding of gas and oil wells used to extract the hydrocarbon from reservoirs. The course covers both conventional and unconventional (coal seam gas) wells and the scope includes how to drill a well, how to complete a well, and how to optimise production from the well.

National Grid – Our ESD Trainers worked with the National Grid Training Academy in Eakring, Newark, Nottingham, on our Control and Operation of Centrifugal Gas Compressors course as well as our Mechanical Aspects of Centrifugal Gas Compressors course. Our compressor courses give a practical introduction to centrifugal gas compressors and their operation in process plants. Building on the knowledge gained from our centrifugal gas compressor course, the mechanical centrifugal course explores in detail the construction and configuration of the centrifugal compressor to ensure the delegates are confident in their respective fields.

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