Summer Series: Part 2

September 29, 2015

Something new is coming to a course near you! As mentioned in our previous blog post, our ESD team has been working hard these past few months to develop the latest version of simulation software to allow us to create a fully customisable centrifugal compressor simulation model. So we figured we would share a little bit about some of our team that has been working on the new model, and again in case you missed that last blog post, here is a little recap about what the new model will accomplish.

After hearing the requests from our past delegates we are pleased to announce that our custom built centrifugal compressor simulation models will begin to be used in course training end of August (some delegates may have already tested these new models!) So, what exactly can we expect from a customised model?

A customised model means that your experience using the simulation is plant specific. Our unique training methods have already proven to be widely successful in supporting lasting understanding for operational and engineering training in the oil and gas industry, and now with the introduction of our customised models, the experience of simulating real risk scenarios without any risk to the real plant and people operating it just got better!

 We had a chance to catch up with one of our ESDSim Software developers, Steve Vezeau, to ask about what these new customised models will include and how they will benefit you. 

"The new development of our ESDSim Software has allowed us to completely customise our simulation models to each plant. This means our delegates will be able to test their own plant specific start-up and shut-down procedures, it can also use plant specific terminology and tag names to make it easier to understand aspects within the simulation. The models will also mimic the company’s anti-surge control system, and the response times of simulated compressor, and pipework will match the delegates company’s plant equipment.  All of these features allow the delegate to have an even more realistic simulated experience to gain a deeper level of how their individual plant works.”

Steve continued to explain that the new simulation will have a customisable graphical user interface, alarms and trips, controllers, instrumentation and more, all to further enhance the delegate’s real experience working with our centrifugal simulators.

ESD Simulation new training model

Steve Vezeau has been part of our ESDSim team working on the new centrifugal model, here he is running the Variable Speed Centrifugal Gas Compressor Simulation Model

Read more about the new simulation model HERE


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