Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

May 21, 2019

Our 2 day troubleshooting course aims to give operators practice at solving problems and making decisions that occur whilst they are on shift. The techniques taught and practiced during the course aim to develop the confidence of operators so that they are more likely to make the correct decisions whilst under pressure.

Starting off with a very simple problem, the course uses a variety of simulated exercises to challenge and develop the operator's diagnosis and decision making skills. The course is all about solving problems as they occur and is not about root cause analysis which is an off-line activity that is used after the event to figure out what happened and why.

This course has been used to train hundreds of operators, both experienced and inexperienced and gets really good feedback from every operator who attends. It is real-world and relates to the job that the operators do and the challenges that they face.

The course is run at your location/site and is customised to suit the needs of your team. Up to 14 delegates at a time can be trained. For more details and a course outline.... 

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