FPSOs - A Non-Technical Overview

FPSO non-technical Training Course

This one-day course is intended to give a comprehensive overview of the nature and purpose of a floating production, storage and offtake system, commonly called an FPSO. In the business of offshore oil production, such systems have become very popular over the last 15 years and they are used throughout the world.

The reasons for their proliferation are many and varied but primarily it is because they offer a cost effective solution for the provision of a host facility for many offshore projects. They are ideally suited for oil fields remote from land and those found in deep waters.

They are robust and can withstand severe weather conditions. When the oil runs out they can be relocated to another oil field even on the other side of the globe. In essence, they offer versatility rarely matched in other forms of offshore host platforms.

The course aims to explain, by consideration of how they are built, why they are so popular and why they are so versatile.

Suitable for: All non-technical people including sales, administration, secretarial and accounting personnel.  It may also benefit operators, technicians and engineers who are entering the FPSO industry.

Key Topics Covered:

  • The FPSO Concept
  • What is an FPSO
  • The Ship
  • How the Ship is Moored
  • The Oil Field
  • The Process Plant
  • The Crude Oil Storage and Offloading
  • The Future


Dates & Locations

Please contact your nearest ESD office to find out when it is next running in your region.

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