LNG - A Non Technical Overview

LNG non-technical Training Course

The LNG industry has a safety record of which it is justifiably proud. This has been achieved by a recognition that the product can be, if not handled correctly, extremely hazardous. By a combination of good design, high quality engineering, well-practiced procedures and a well trained workforce, the hazards are managed and risks are minimised. In developing the course the need to emphasise the safety aspects has been recognised and is covered to a suitable level.

Suitable for: This one-day course is intended primarily to be suitable for the non-engineering disciplines one usually finds within the organisation of companies associated with the energy industry. These people may be in a variety of roles ranging from managerial to supervisory to dedicated team members. No previous technical knowledge is required since the course will provide a sufficient depth of understanding to cover the main aspects of LNG engineering and the industry.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Nature of LNG
  • Its Uses and Users
  • Manufacturing LNG
  • Storage and Containment
  • Shipping LNG
  • Floating LNG

Dates & Locations

Course Details

08 Mar 2021 - 08 Mar 2021
Course Fee: $499.00
Online Course - Calgary Timezone,

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