LNG - A Technical Overview

LNG a Technical Overview Training Course

This practical three-day course aims to satisfy the need for understanding the role LNG plays in the energy market. One overriding objective is to stress the safety and security issues surrounding LNG and to show that, contrary to public perception, the production and transportation is safe.  The emphasis is on the LNG plant itself and the storage of LNG on-site. Plant sizing and process selection is fundamental to the overall life cycle costs and viability of the project, and as such, the course aims to highlight the main selection criteria, technical and economic drivers.  

Suitable for: Most engineers and those in a supervisory, engineering or managerial role within the oil and gas industry. 

Key Topics Covered:

  • The LNG Market
  • LNG Plants
  • Natural Gas Liquefaction
  • Feed Gas Pre-Treatment and By-Product Handling
  • Plant Utilities
  • LNG Storage and Export Terminal
  • LNG Reception Terminal and Gas Distribution
  • The Future of LNG

Dates & Locations

Course Details

09 Mar 2021 - 11 Mar 2021
Course Fee: $3,685.00
Online Course - Calgary Timezone,

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