Operation of Centrifugal Compressors and their Drivers

Operation of Centrifugal Compressors and their Drivers Training Course

This intensive and interactive three-day course is designed to address the operation and control of both fixed and variable speed centrifugal gas compressors and their drivers. Safe and efficient operation of a centrifugal compressor requires an good understanding of the compressor, the driver and their control systems. Most centrifugal compressors are driven by either gas turbines, steam turbines or electric motors and all three types of driver will be covered depending on the interest of the delegates.

The principles of operation, anti-surge control and start-up and shutdown will be key course topics. The most popular sophisticated anti-surge control system on the market is the Compressor Controls Corporation (CCC) system and the operation of this system will be covered in detail.

Suitable for: This course is designed for anyone involved with the operation of centrifugal gas compressors on any kind of processing plant. Operations personnel who have some level of responsibility for the operation, control or management of the gas facilities which contain centrifugal compressors will benefit most from this course. 

Key Topics Covered:

Centrifugal Compressor Control and Operation 
How a centrifugal compressor raises pressure 
Compressor operation and performance curves 
Capacity control - suction or discharge pressure 
Simple anti-surge control 
Compressor protection 

Fixed or variable speed 
Gas turbines 
Electric motors 
Steam turbines 

Centrifugal Compressor Capacity Control 
Variable speed, turbine or motor control 
Suction or discharge throttling 
Recycle, bypass or spill-back 
Inlet guide vanes 

Anti-surge Control 
What is surge? 
Symptoms and consequences of surge 
Principles of anti-surge control 

Compressor Controls Corporation (CCC) Anti-surge Control System 
What an operator needs to know about the CCC system 
What recycle trip, safety on and derivative action are 
Actions to take when the system goes into alarm 

Start-up and Shutdown 
Normal shutdown 
Emergency shutdown, use of hot gas bypass valves 
Starting up a centrifugal compressor 

Dry Gas Seals 
Principles of operation 
Operational issues 

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