Crude Oil Refining – A Practical Introduction


This three-day course is aimed to satisfy the need for understanding the technical design and risk areas for a typical crude oil refining plant. The fundamentals of the oil refining process will be explained including the distillation process, hydrocarbon chain length modification processes, gas recovery treatment and sulphur removal processes. A key objective is to stress the safety and environmental risk areas and how those are mitigated with the technical design and strict procedures.

3 days
$4,682.00 excl. GST


Key Topics Covered:

  • Crude Oil Makeup
  • Distillation
  • Chain Length Modification
  • Sulphur Removal and Disposal
  • Plant Layout and Flow Schemes
  • Emergency Shutdown Systems
  • Product Storage and Shipping
  • Summary of Safety, Environmental and Security Risk Areas

Course Outline Requests

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Course Outline

Suitable For:

Process personnel, who may be transferring from the upstream end of the oil industry into the downstream, will find the course fulfills their needs for an in-depth overview.  The course will also appeal to engineers of all disciplines who have made a career move to the regulatory bodies which oversee the industry.