Heat Exchangers – Design, Operation, and Maintenance


This 2-day course provides delegates with an introduction to the design of the various types of heat exchangers used in the process industries. The introduction will include the mechanical design of each type along with it's advantages and disadvantages.A case study provides the opportunity to select the best heat exchanger design for a particular process requirement and to calculate the size of the exchangers needed to meet the heat transfer service.

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Key Topics Covered:

  • Heat transfer fundamentals
  • Types of heat exchangers and where they are used
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Plate and frame heat exchangers
  • Welded plate heat exchanger
  • Air fin exchanger
  • Printed circuit heat exchanger
  • Fabrication and materials of construction
  • Maintenance of heat exchangers

Course Outline Requests

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Course Outline

Suitable For:

Participants with no prior knowledge of heat exchangers and for those with experience who want to learn more.