Compression of Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide


Compression of Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide - challenges, issues and solutions

2 days
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2 days, 08:30 AM PDT - 04:30 PM PDT


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  • $3,020.00 excl. GST


This two day course will outline the challenges associated with the compression of hydrogen or carbon dioxide gas. The course will cover the issues involved with compression of these gases using both dynamic and positive displacement compressor equipment. Solutions to the challenges and issues identified will be provided.


Key Topics Covered:

  • Principles of the compression process and key differences between hydrogen and carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon gases

  • Compression performance mapping for hydrogen and carbon dioxide 

  • The impact of low molecular weight on the compressor

  • The impact on the seals used in the compressor

  • The unique challenge of anti surge control and recycle valve sizing for hydrogen or carbon dioxide service

  • Material selection for compressor parts used in hydrogen or carbon dioxide service

  • The impacts on the compressor protection equipment with hydrogen or carbon dioxide service 

  • Start-up and shutdown process steps for the compressor process

  • Capacity control system



Suitable For:

Engineers, supervisors, operations and maintenance personnel who are responsible for the operation of compressors that are being used to compress hydrogen or carbon dioxide gas. The course is also suitable for professions involved with the conversion of process equipment from other gas service to hydrogen or carbon dioxide service.

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