Carbon Capture and Storage


This intensive three-day course provides a comprehensive in-depth understanding of safe control and operation of carbon capture, storage processes, and equipment. During the three days, all aspects of CO2 compression, dehydration, the CO2 pipeline system, and injection facilities will be covered. The scope of start-up and shutdown of the processes will be included

3 days
$4,682.00 excl. GST



Key Topics: 

  • Physical Properties of CO2 and its Behaviour

  • CO2 Compression Performance

  • Anti-Surge Control

  • CO2 Compressor Operation 

  • Dehydration Options 

  • CO2 Pipeline and Field Facilities Operation

  • Process Safety Elements

Suitable For:

This course is suitable for all engineers, process operators, maintenance technicians, and any others that are participating in the operation and maintenance of a CO2 capture and storage system. 

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