Enhancing Operator Decision Making Through Critical Thinking

In the dynamic landscape of technical environments, tackling unexpected problems demand more than standard training and certifications. It requires a mindset that can creatively assess and solve issues in the field. In this blog post, we describe the effect of critical thinking and advanced training courses for operators’ decisiveness and operational efficiency.

Don’t confuse critical thinking with creative thinking. Many training courses emphasize creative thinking to enhances one’s personal development. While creative thinking focuses on expanding the possibilities, critical thinking hones in one the most effective solutions by minimizing extraneous choices and pinpointing meaningful actions.

With 30+ years of experience, ESD has crafted technical and non-technical courses for
process industries. This course delivers real-life simulations designed to enhance the operators’
decision-making through critical thinking.

Why this course?

In the process industries, operators frequently encounter reactive scenarios that can precipitate significant plant issues. Here at ESD, cultivating critical thinking skills can transform these operations into proactive problem solvers.

Problem-solving in the process industries requires critical thinking, which is the primary part of
this course. Upon completion of our critical thinking course, operators can think critically, not creatively, thereby preventing emergencies and ensuring safe operation.

Our Critical Thinking course aims to provide operators with the tools to handle and stop growing issues,
guaranteeing process operations efficiency and safety by fusing real-world exercises with critical
thinking frameworks.

We have devised this course as a board game. Up to 16 people can play in teams of 4 at once.
The game has 12 exercises that aim to help with the operators decision-making while thinking
critically. During this, operators also learn about decision trees, fault trees, event trees, and bow tie
diagrams. The four exercises work the participants mind around real-life case studies and safety incidents.
Similarly, other exercises include performance monitoring techniques, fundamental decision-
making, and risk assessment.

The Bottom Line

Foresight is an indispensable asset for any operator. Achieving it requires the capacity to make informed decisions grounded in critical thinking. Simplifying problems in the process industries may lead to accidents and oversight, while understanding and embracing complexities leads to clarity and safety. Our course equips your operators with proactive decision-making and risk containment.

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