ESD Celebrates 30 Years

30 Years!

ESD celebrated 30 years in 2019, rounding off three decades of high quality training in the process industries.

Led by Mark Dixon, ESD has developed from a small consultancy based company to a global training company. Beginning in 1989, ESD offered consultancy services for companies looking at buying and using stationary simulation machines. Since then, ESD has evolved to build their own portable simulation programs, that they offer to train delegates on within their training courses. 

The first course that ESD offered was the Control and Operation of Centrifugal Gas Compressors, which is still one of the most popular courses to date. Though the course in 1989 and 2019 were drastically different, the follow the same standards of quality and relevancy that engineers expect. After the success of the Centrifugal Compressors course, ESD began to offer more courses, with more than 30 technical and non-technical courses now offered in ESD's portfolio.

ESD's training courses provide an active learning approach because of how they are based around simulations. Over the years, ESD has aquired more than 100 simulation models, with over 20 of these simulations being created in-house. Near 20 simulation models are currently used in many different courses. Into 2020, ESD has continued to create more simulaton models, including a new Reciprocating Compressor Model, so that delegates can continue to receive the highest quality of learning.


25 Years!

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