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FPSOs – A Non-Technical Overview

October 29, 2021

Participant Profile:

Our “FPSOs – A Non-Technical Overview” course is designed to enable all those without a technical background to gain a better understanding of FPSOs. It is suitable for persons at all levels of responsibility within the company. It will be most beneficial to sales, accounting, and administrative personnel of Oil & Gas operating companies or supplier and service organizations. The course is designed for participants with limited prior knowledge or experience of FPSOs.


Course Overview:

This course will equip delegates with the knowledge necessary to provide support to their technical colleagues as well as open themselves to new opportunities to advance their career paths. It offers a comprehensive overview of the nature and purpose of floating, production, storage, and offtake systems (FPSOs). Delegates will learn how FPSOs are built, the versatility of the design, and why they have become the main choice for a host floating production system. It is an interactive course consisting of short lectures, video clips, and Q&A sessions to enhance the learning experience. The course is delivered by our highly qualified faculty of experienced Oil & Gas and Process industry professionals, who possess the expertise to relate course topics to situations that delegates will encounter in their day-to-day work experiences.



Course Curriculum:

The course is broken down into a number of 40-minute sessions, covering the following topic areas…

  • The FPSO Concept
  • What is an FPSO
  • The Ship
  • How the Ship is Moored
  • The Offshore Oil Field
  • The Topsides Process Plant
  • Crude Oil Storage & Offloading


Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, delegates will…

  • Be aware of how the FPSO concept has developed in the past 30 years
  • Understand what constitutes an FPSO in terms of the host facility for the production of an oil field
  • Understand the basic design of the FPSO vessel
  • Be aware of the motion envelope of an FPSO and how this influences the design of the mooring system
  • Understand how a subsea oil field is connected to an FPSO
  • Understand the basic design of the FPSO process plant
  • Be aware of the main safety issues surrounding the layout of the process plant
  • Understand how cargo is handled on an FPSO and be aware of the main safety issues related to cargo handling



Upcoming Course Dates:

November 18

8 AM to 4 PM (MST)

Virtual, Instructor-Led Delivery


Online Course Delivery Procedures:

The procedures for online course delivery are listed below…

  1. Register for the course as usual through our website. You will need to have a computer available during the course so that you can sign into the course on Zoom. ESD will send you an additional laptop to use for running the simulation models. You need to have both computers available during the course
  2. Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive a Zoom link to be able to join the course at the scheduled time on the day of the course
  3. A few days before the course, you will receive a laptop from ESD which is pre-loaded with all of the simulation software models that will be used during the course. You will also receive a manual and any other required training materials
  4. On the day of the course, sign into the Zoom about 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to make sure that you are able to resolve any connection issues before the start of the course
  5. Your training will join the course before the scheduled start time and will be online with you for the duration of the course. The online course is specifically tailored to provide the same quality as a classroom version of the same course


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