IChemE Accreditation

ESD gets IChemE Accreditation

ESD gets IChemE accreditation for it’s courses For over 30 years ESD has been delivering courses which are accredited by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE). For 2023 we have received re-accreditation for 4 of our most popular courses:

Control & Operation of Centrifugal Gas Compressors

Centrifugal compressor training for engineers and operations personnel. This course looks at the control and operation of centrifugal compressors used in the process industries.

Practical Aspects of Process Control & Instrumentation

Process control training for engineers and operations personnel. This course is a practical course which looks at how Process Control techniques are applied in the process industries.

Problem Solving & Troubleshooting in Process Operations

A hands-on course which gives practice in how to troubleshoot and solve problems in the process industries. It is a hands-on course which uses simulated processes to practice solving many different problems that occur in process plants.

Production Processing and Emergency Systems on Oil & Gas Installations

A course which gives a good overview of all of the systems commonly found on offshore production facilities. It is suitable for engineers and operations personnel moving into the offshore oil and gas industry.


These courses have been in the IChemE program for many years and have been fully revised and updated for 2023.