Online Simulation Exercises

Online Simulation Exercises (Demonstration)

This online exercise allows you to experience the powerful learning opportunities gained by using simulated real life exercises.  In this short exercise, you will be guided through the adjustment of the load on a variable speed centrifugal compressor.  As you open and close a suction valve you will see how the control system changes the compressor speed and how the compressor moves on it's performance map.  Recording the results as you go will enable you to compare the different compressor operating conditions.

Two control systems are active during this exercise:

Speed control
 - the speed of the compressor is adjusted to maintain suction pressure. The set-point on the suction pressure controller is 1200 kPa, 12 bar or 174 psi.

Anti-surge control
- the recycle valve will open when the compressor crosses the anti-surge control line.  Watch the controller react to any upset conditions you introduce!

Work through the structured exercise and then spend some time exploring the model at your own pace.

All ESD's courses use dynamic simulation models like this one to make the training more interesting and engaging.

We recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox to run the simulation. Google Chrome is not supported at this time. More information.

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