On-Site Training

on-site training

Some of the courses listed on our website may not have any scheduled dates, but not to worry, there is another option! On-site training is organised on an on-demand basis working closely with a regional Sales Representative to meet your specific training needs. We have the capability to deliver our training courses anywhere in the world and are willing to come to your premises - wherever you may be. We will work around your schedule and can customise the course content to meet your training goals. On-site training could be the best option for you if:

  • You don't see the course you need on our training calendar
  • Our course dates conflict with your schedule
  • Our course locations are inaccessible to you
  • You have several people to train on one topic

build your own

With a wide range of courses offered at a variety of locations around the globe, it is our goal to provide comprehensive training through our open access programmes and we are constantly updating our course material to reflect current industry conditions. However, some of our clients go one step further and have a course designed specifically for their platform or process. Our customised curriculum is created using a methodical, client-focused process and includes a full suite of dynamic simulation models tailored to specific processes and plant conditions. Customised courses are not only of the utmost relevance to their target audience but can also prove to be very cost effective. To find out more, please contact one of our sales representatives. 

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