Advanced Process Control


This three-day course gives a practical introduction to the application of advanced control techniques in the process industries. It is an intensive course which relies heavily on the use of computer simulation software to allow for many practical examples and control strategies to be implemented.

3 days
$4,682.00 excl. GST
Ed Dilley


The course can be run as a two day course, presuming the delegate has a firm knowledge of the fundamentals of PID control or as a three day course to provide a grasp of PID fundamentals. The course explores some of the advanced classical methods and techniques popular in current industrial practice. For all topics, you will gain hands-on experience in tuning controllers and testing algorithm performance. Particular emphasis is placed on model based control methods.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Modelling Process Dynamics
  • Automated Controller Design
  • Advanced Modelling of Dynamic Process Behaviour
  • Feed Forward Control 
  • Multivariable Controller Interaction and Loop Decoupling 
  • Modelling, Analysis and Control of Multivariable Processes 
  • Model Based Smith Predictor for Process with Large Dead Time

Course Outline Requests

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Course Outline

Suitable For:

Engineers, chemists, operations and maintenance personnel with a basic understanding of process control. It is also suitable for professionals of any industrial background provided they have attended the IChemE Practical Aspects of Process Control and Instrumentation course, or equivalent and are familiar with the material covered in that course.