Our Instructors

Brian Bain

An operations specialist, Brian has 30 years of experience as a Control Room Technician on various offshore installations. He is an operations specialist (both onshore and offshore) as well as a qualified, advanced trainer that has been instructing courses for over 5 years.

Ed Dilley

Ed possesses a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and has over 30 years of experience in process control, process engineering, and planning within the refining, petrochemical, polymers, and power & cogeneration industries. He has been delivering training courses for over 15 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom.

Howard Thomas

Howard has been troubleshooting technical problems in the hydrocarbon industries for 32 years. His experience ranges from work as a technician with Dow Chemicals to running consultancy companies of over 100 people. He is a member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and has been running training courses for over 15 years.

Ken Tacon

As a Rotating Equipment Specialist, Ken has been delivering training courses for 25 years. Ken is a member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Mark Dixon

Mark has over 25 years of experience delivering training courses with ESD Simulation. He is a Chartered Gas Engineer and a member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Through his experience in power generation, chemical production, oil & gas production, refineries, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and pipeline operations, Mark brings practical knowledge and expertise to each course he delivers.

Mike Wainwright

Mike possesses a wealth of knowledge in sales, business development, engineering, and senior management in the field of valves, actuators, and valve control systems. With 35 years of industry expertise, Mike specializes in process valves as well as automation and control for the oil & gas and chemical markets.

Nicholas Jackson

Nick has 30 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry on various installations.  He has been involved with Offshore Oil & Gas Production Operations including the operation of wells, separation, produced water treatment, gas dehydration, gas compression, and associated pigging operations.  In his role as a Production Supervisor, Nick gained experience providing training and assessment for Production Technician's to increase their competence.

Terry Locke

Terry has worked with major operators throughout the UK, Europe, and the Middle East for over 25 years, providing operations/site support for all types of equipment associated with the oil and gas industry – this experience includes managing the overhaul, FAT/field testing and problem solving for centrifugal compressors.