Control Loop Tuning


This one-day course will help delegates identify opportunities for increasing plant performance and deliver that performance using good control loop tuning techniques.

1 day
$1,264.00 excl. GST
Ed Dilley


Approximately half of the course is spent hands-on, tuning loops manually or with PC-based packages. Improved control loop performance will reduce production losses due to either plant shutdown or by operating too defensively. Ultimately this will increase profits by improving plant performance and uptime. Process trips will be reduced, restarts will be quicker and safer, wear and tear on equipment will be reduced and environmental performance will be improved.

Key Topics:

  • Control Loop Hardware
  • Basic Control Theory and Principles
  • Reasons for Controller Tuning
  • Pre-Tuning Activities
  • Process Dynamics
  • Loop Assessment
  • Loop Responses
  • Cascade, Ratio and Bias
  • Control Lags
  • Loop Tuning Criteria
  • Refinements to the Basic Loop
  • Practical Problems
  • PID Tuning Basics

Course Outline Requests

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Course Outline

Suitable For:

This course has been designed for instrument technicians, control room operators and all other plant personnel who have an interest in plant performance improvement.