Problem Solving & Troubleshooting in Process Operations


This two-day course is designed to teach operations personnel how to effectively troubleshoot problems on process plants. Solving problems quickly and effectively leads to increased productivity and saves money.

2 days
$3,020.00 excl. GST
Mark Dixon, Ed Dilley


This highly interactive course is challenging and interesting and will appeal to both engineers and operators. It will appeal especially to engineers and operators with some "hands-on" in a process operations environment. The course uses a variety of simulation models to give delegates the chance to solve many challenging and realistic problems in a safe environment.

Key Topics:

  • What is problem solving and troubleshooting?
  • Methodology
  • Respond correctly to abnormal operating conditions
  • Exercises to practice solving realistic problems

Course Outline Requests

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Course Outline

Suitable For:

Engineers and operations personnel who work in chemical plants, process plants of any kind and oil and gas processing facilties; offshore, onshore, refineries, gas plants, petrochemical plants, FPSOs and LNG plants.


This Problem-Solving & Troubleshooting training course is an IChemE accredited course. IChemE members will receive a 10% discount during the checkout process.

IChemE 2023 Approved