Carbon Capture and Utilisation or Storage (CCUS) – Non Technical


A one day non-technical course which explains how and why Carbon Dioxide can be captured, transported, stored or utilised.

1 day
$1,264.00 excl. GST


Carbon capture and storage (or utilisation) projects are being proposed and developed in many parts of the world to help reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This course will explore all the different ways that carbon dioxide can be captured and permanently contained. Is this a viable technology to help reduce greenhouse gases? Is it more cost effective than alternate technologies that do not create carbon dioxide in the first place? Where is it most likely an appropriate strategy?

Key Topics Covered: 

  • Carbon Capture 
  • Carbon Transportation
  • Carbon Storage 
  • Carbon Utilisation 
  • Cost Effectiveness

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Suitable For:

This one-day course is intended primarily for individuals without an engineering discipline background or other technical training that are interested in learning how CCUS could fit into the mix of strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.