Understanding Hydrogen for the Energy Transition


One day non-technical course which explains the potential role of hydrogen in replacing and supplementing fossil fuels in the energy transition.

1 Day
$1,264.00 excl. GST


Hydrogen is getting a lot of attention as “green energy” to assist with the transition away from fossil fuel use. The attraction of hydrogen as an energy source is because it produces no carbon dioxide when it is burned, and no harmful emissions at all when used in a fuel cell. Just like
electricity, how “green” it is, depends upon how it is produced.
How practical is the use of hydrogen to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions? Where could hydrogen realistically be used? How should it be produced?

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This one-day course is intended primarily for individuals without an engineering
discipline background or other technical training that are interested in learning how hydrogen could fit into the mix of strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.