Critical Thinking


This two day course teaches delegates to work as a team to think critically in difficult scenarios that they encounter. It is delivered as an interactive workshop based on a board game.

2 days
$3,322.00 excl. GST

2 days, 08:30 AM - 04:30 PM

Calgary - Hampton Inn Airport North
  • 2021 100 Ave NE
  • Calgary
  • AB
  • T3J 0R3
  • Canada
  • PD hours: 14
  • $3,322.00 excl. GST


This two day course covers the essentials of critical thinking that we seem to forget when dealing with the analysis of facts, development of addiction to meetings, marketing and misinformation. Our teachings will help you rise to today’s challenges by revisiting critical thinking principles.


A basic grasp of mathematics is all that is required.

Suitable For:

Individuals who are involved in decision making or informing decision makers and wish to master the principles of critical thinking to improve those decisions.

Delegates will preferably have experience of leading or working within teams and be able to share experiences good and bad to enrich the course through interaction.

Course Outline Requests

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Course Outline