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ESD’s Problem Solving and Troubleshooting Course: Turning Problems Into Solutions

It’s the middle of the night at the plant, it’s quiet and everything seems fine, until suddenly it’s not—and now an operator’s reaction is the difference between a smooth resolution and a costly shutdown.
That’s where ESD’s Problem Solving and Troubleshooting course comes in: it’s a training program designed to equip operators with the skills they need to tackle the issues they’ll inadvertently face—whether they work in hydrogen production, carbon dioxide capture and storage, water treatment, gas transmission, electricity generation, food processing and production, petrochemicals, oil & gas, and more.
Why it works:
ESD doesn’t just walk operators through some logical process; they engrain it in the minds of operators with interactive practice by using dynamic simulation models. Ultimately, going this extra mile makes all the difference. Preventing just one partial shutdown pays for the course hundreds of times over.
What that looks like:
While ESD is based in Scotland, Canada and Australia and provides training at all of its locations, they can also deliver the course at your location—which reduces travel expenses, and makes it more accessible to your team (up to 14 operators can be trained at a time!).
Taking a step back:
Growth is good, but growth usually comes with change, and change comes with challenges. One of those challenges has been ensuring that engineers and operators have the training that they need. ESD’s Problem Solving and Troubleshooting course can help operators stay ahead of the curve and ensure that everything operates smoothly.
Reach out to ESD to arrange training, and empower your team with the skills they need to excel.