Critical Thinking course

Let’s Think Critically

It’s no secret that the average professional spends the bulk of their day in meetings and their inbox. This amount of communication, of course, is somewhat necessary, but it can’t be done at the expense of structured thinking: we need time to think creatively (i.e. expanding the possibilities), and to think critically (i.e. reducing the possibilities into meaningful action).

While ESD Simulation primarily delivers technical courses, non-technical courses, like our course on Critical Thinking, are becoming increasingly important as our world (and the problems we need to solve) become increasingly complex.

The problem at hand:

Well planned operations should be proactive, not reactive. Finding answers should start with establishing the facts and doing analysis, and they should end with communication. What are the facts? How do we identify the assumptions we are making that may not be correct? Who has done the analysis? How do we recognize that we have tunnel vision and are not seeing the bigger picture?

How we’ll move the needle:

ESD’s Critical Thinking course is designed to complement their technical courses, which will ultimately help everyone apply their newfound knowledge. We believe that effective thinking and communication has effects on operational excellence in process safety, reliability, and efficiency, even if it’s hard to measure.

ESD has been delivering both technical and non-technical courses for over 30 years and has trained thousands of people around the world. If you’re interested in helping your people become better thinkers, ESD’s course on critical thinking is an excellent complement to their other offerings.

Contact us to arrange a course in the next few months—while we’re based in Aberdeen (Scotland), Perth (Western Australia), and Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada), we can meet you in-person all over the world.