Understanding The Energy Transition

While concerns about the climate and talk about the energy transition have been brewing for decades, public discussion about these topics has boiled over: It is nearly impossible to decipher between signal and noise when management consultants, world advisory bodies, and governments are publishing a new report every other day.


ESD has been delivering both technical and non-technical courses for over 30 years, all of which have been grounded by the realities of chemical engineering—realities that will ultimately constrain (or enable!) various sectors as they start their transition. That’s why they’ve developed a new course, Understanding the Energy Transition Challenge, which is specifically tailored to those looking to cut through the noise.


How they do it:
The goal here is to build up your intuition—that starts with breaking down the big picture into manageable chunks, but it’s reinforced with practice exercises and simulations. By the end you’ll appreciate the scale of the challenge, and you’ll have a framework for understanding the jigsaw we’re dealing with.Why it matters:

The energy transition isn’t just critical to our planet’s health, it’s an opportunity to rebuild our industries with efficiency in mind. But it requires changing just about everything, so it’s critically important that those changes are wise and coordinated.


If you’re interested in helping your people better understand the imminent transition, ESD’s course on the energy transition is an excellent complement to their other offerings. Contact us to arrange a course in the next few months—while we’re based in Aberdeen (Scotland), Perth (Western Australia), and Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada), we can meet you in-person all over the world.