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Advanced Process Control

This three-day course gives a practical introduction to the application of advanced control techniques in the process industries. It is an intensive course which relies heavily on the use of computer simulation software to allow for many practical examples and control strategies to be implemented.

Carbon Capture and Storage

This intensive three-day course provides a comprehensive in-depth understanding of safe control and operation of carbon capture, storage processes, and equipment. During the three days, all aspects of CO2 compression, dehydration, the CO2 pipeline system, and injection facilities will be covered. The scope of start-up and shutdown of the processes will be included

Carbon Capture and Utilisation or Storage (CCUS) - Non Technical

A one day non-technical course which explains how and why Carbon Dioxide can be captured, transported, stored or utilised.

Carbon Dioxide Compression

This two-day course uses dynamic simulation models to give a practical introduction to carbon dioxide, its application, characteristics, and carbon capturing technology. This course also covers the principles of gas compression when CO2 is the process medium, the selection of the correct type of compressor, the design of the compressor, how performance of the compressor is controlled and more.

Centrifugal Compressor Troubleshooting

An intensive, two-day course to provide insight into how to troubleshoot a wide variety of problems that can occur with centrifugal compressors and their gas turbine or electric motor driver. The course will include a series of simulated practical case studies where delegates will be challenged to identify and correct real-life problems using a standard troubleshooting methodology.

Coal Seam Gas Processing

This intensive and interactive three-day course is designed to address the operation and control of coal seam gas processing plants.

Compression of Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide

Compression of Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide - challenges, issues and solutions

Control & Operation of Centrifugal Gas Compressors

This hands-on, three-day course uses dynamic simulation models to give a practical introduction to centrifugal gas compressors and their operation in process plants. The practical exercises and workshops will use dynamic simulation models of compression systems running on PCs. They will be easy to use and the participants will require no prior knowledge of dynamic simulation.

Control & Operation of Distillation Columns

This three-day course offers a comprehensive study of distillation technology and provides an introduction to a variety of processes which employ this key unit operation.

Control & Operation of Industrial Gas Turbines

This practical two-day gas turbine course offers a comprehensive overview of the operation and control of industrial gas turbines used for both power generation and as drivers for compressors and pumps. The course explains how a turbine works and the different types in common use. How to control and operate turbines efficiently and key troubleshooting techniques and information will also be explained.